You are looking for strong candidates for retail positions. This is not an easy task, as you are operating in a competitive market. Many retailers like you seek to enhance quality at all levels of their organisation. These days, a completed higher vocational education is a minimum requirement for most management positions.

Candidates with a degree in higher professional education can generally be found on LinkedIn. But how do you identify the best candidates who can really take your retail, commercial, or support organisation to the next level? Who are the candidates that can make a real difference?

Are those the candidates with the best LinkedIn profile, a lot of experience with job interviews, and many excellent formal references? Or rather the candidates with a track record that demonstrates they can make the difference and who are always ranked as the best by whomever you ask?
We continuously monitor the candidates who are of interest to you. Because we actually know most candidates, we know who is the best match. And, what is equally important, you avoid a mismatch. This provides certainty and continuity.

Because we have most of the candidates on file, we know who is interested in making a switch, and who is not. This means that we are generally able to respond quickly. We are already familiar with the candidate’s track record.

Because we are involved with the client and the candidate, we can act as a bridge between the two parties. What makes your organisation interesting to a candidate? Why would a candidate want to make the switch to your organisation? And what added value does the candidate contribute that can make your organisation more profitable?

We have a lot of experience in retail and we know all about the budgets for recruitment and selection. Our organisation is set up for it, and that is something you can benefit from.
The best candidates, rather than those candidates who happen to be available
Recruitment of candidates for specialist jobs in retail is increasingly being outsourced. This is understandable, considering that the best candidates are in high demand due to the tight retail labour market. There is much competition in the hunt for top talent. Even businesses with a strong employer brand opt to use the services of an external party for particular job positions.

With Netwerkt, such a collaboration entails more than mere recruitment and selection of candidates. We have specialised in retail since 2002 and we have a complete picture of the retail trade with regard to working conditions and employer values. This makes us a valuable sparring partner for our clients. We can provide the answers to questions such as: Are our wages in conformity with the market, is the complete offer interesting enough, how can our organisation benefit from a good reputation as an employer, and what are the obstacles that may prevent a candidate from making the switch?

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibilities: info@netwerkt.nl
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